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Services of Sailing Ganga Tour

To explore India you are about to discover the most wonderful way...

Ganga Sailing is a very exceptional and bizarre boat voyage in River Ganges which takes one not only to an exciting river sailing/cruising in commonly used boats/cruise but opens the ancient civilization and history of Indian religion and life style extremely clearly through its old villages and temples on the banks of Ganges. Follow India's holiest river as it makes its way from the high Himalayas to Varanasi, Allahabad, Patna and many more and avail the opportunity to see India from a very different and exciting angle, cities sightseeing, remote wilderness and fascinating local culture in equal measure.

With Sailing Ganga Tour you do not have to face the bad roads, traffic jams, or travelling through heat and dust. Just go on a sail either on a boat or a cruise embarks right into doorsteps of the monuments, temples, rustic towns.

Be it the monuments in ancient towns or the mangroves on the remote islands – unearth the daily life steeped in generations of abiding customs, rituals, beliefs and craftsmanship, which is reflected in the variety of folklores, music, weaving, pottery, foods and festivals. No river plays a more important role, religious, cultural, economic and social in the lives of the people than the River Ganges which is sourced from the Himalayas.

Smooth sailing, ever changing landscapes, chosen excursions, gourmet cuisine, carefully well informed guides, live cultural shows in the evening, all this and more... truly an experience of a lifetime which we call ‘Experience Ganges’. Sailing Ganga Tour has an undertaking to provide the services in waterways in India and to sail the rough waters and explore new horizons. It is also our aim to achieve excellence in our services that we render with integrity and full sincerity. The services offered by us to the clients are at affordable rate and with full assurance. We are one of the best Ganga sailing tour operators in Varanasi. We have staffs who are serving with main motive as client satisfaction. In Ganga sailing tour we can organize your tour by offering you several services such as

  • Boat Ride in Varanasi
  • Boat Ride in Allahabad
  • Sailing Ganga Tour( Allahabad to Varanasi/Sitamarhi to Varanasi/Mirzapur to Varanasi and Patna to Varanasi and vice versa)
  • Hotel Booking
  • Car Rental
  • Tourist Guide

We organize Ganga sailing tour for the Individual tourist, corporate, families, groups and schools. We provide various types of attractive sailing tour packages for the corporate, holiday's trip and religious pilgrimage trip to Varanasi and Allahabad and also tourist guides for the packages. The accommodation provided is quite good as is the boat/cruise and the vehicles for the complete sailing tour. Our aim is always to make sure that your experience is a pleasurable and an unforgettable one so to serve you the best we will always be there like a shadow. During your sailing tour we advise you on all characteristics and features of Indian Culture. Sailing Ganga Tour is always offering trustworthy and valuable services. Feel free to contact us to get the best Ganga Sailing tour services.

Boat Ride with Varanasi

Famous as Banaras or Benares, the city has been a prominent religious city since the sixth century BC and is stretches along the bank of the River Ganges. City of Varanasi which is more than 3000 years old has more than 80 ghats. Hindus compare River Ganga with blood and for them she is as important to Varanasi and Hindus living all over the world as blood is to the human body. Just by taking a bath into the river it is believed that ones sin could be washed off and liberation could be provided. To take a holy dip in the river Hindus from all over the world come to Varanasi.

It’s always being a unique experience to watch people coming down the river in early morning, taking bath in the Mother Ganges and performing rituals. Sailing Ganga Tour depending on our client’s request organizes different boat rides to different places; boat ride with Varanasi is also one of them. Since the city is situated along the bank of River Ganga with more than 80 Ghats so boat ride of Ganges is the major tourist’s attraction of the Varanasi. By means of boat ride the guests will be able to view, feel and will have complete knowledge and significance of each and every ghats.

Boat Ride with Allahabad

Allahabad is popularly known as one of the holy places of Kumbh fair or Kumbh Mela which occurs in every six and twelve years. Sangam or confluence of three holiest rivers in Hindu mythology, namely river Ganga, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati is another attraction of Allahabad. The River Ganges is a lifeline to the towns and cities surrounding it. Boat ride with Allahabad is one of the popular activities among the tourists as the boat takes you through to the enchanting river along side the pulsating Ghats on the banks.

Sailing Ganga Tour (Boat Ride from one city to another city)

The opportunity to see the buzz of activity and religious rituals from an alternate perspective is what the Sailing Ganga Tour provides the visitors with by sailing on River Ganga. Cleaning and washing, floating on the bank, talking, exchanging, offering to the poor for better karma, hundreds of people form a sea of colour and movement. Sailing on the Ganges is very riveting owing to the fact that the banks on both sides of the river are impregnated with historical significance. Sailing Ganga is very much popular among tourists, and there is a huge selection of companies willing to show people round. An authentic way of understanding the magnitude and importance of the river itself is what this scenic and gentle ride is. What could be a better way of reaching holiest city in India, by boat expedition on world's holiest river? Yes this special trip is opportunity means sailing on Holy Ganges.

The boat rides provided by Sailing Ganga Tour is not only limited to Varanasi or Allahabad but we provide boat rides from one city to another city too. Enjoying places situated on the banks of River Ganga either on a boat or on a cruise is something which is beyond imagination and which cannot be described in words. Rather it is something which can only be seen, felt and enjoyed. Viewing a tourist place/spot by road has a different kind of enjoyment and at the same time viewing a place by river has different feeling and enjoyment. It gives you an immense pleasure. Through boat ride you can feel the river from very close, and can also enjoy the beauty of the river and the surroundings too. The boat ride from one city to another city includes; Boat ride from Allahabad to Varanasi, Boat ride from Mirzapur to Varanasi, Boat ride from Patna to Varanasi and vice-versa, Boat ride from Sitamarhi to Varanasi.

  • There will be a trained guide with you all the time during the tour as all of our boat rides are guided tours.
  • Boats used by us are hand rowed as we care for the environment and we never take more than 6 people on one boat as it becomes very laborious job for the boat rower if there are more than 6 people on one boat.
  • Especially for the evening boat rides, as there could be mosquitoes on the river make sure to carry some mosquito cream and when at the main ghats ceremonies will be going on we will stop the boat for about 30 minutes to watch the ceremony.
  • Tourist Guide

    A best quality of Tourist Guide trained by the Tourism Department of India/State and years of experience as per need of the client are offered by us to our clients. There will be a trained and multilingual guides knowing and speaking languages like English, French, and Spanish, Italian, German and many other languages with you all the time during the tour as all of our boat rides are guided tours. They will be able to guide you in an informative and lively way. To make them work well we are always in personal touch with our Guides and Escorts. In introducing and knowing the rich heritage and culture of the city/place our escorts are always there to help the clients. We provide government approved.

    Hotel booking

    By booking luxurious star rated hotels and heritage properties on the bank of river Ganges as your accommodations, make the best of your holiday and watch your holiday transform into a magical experience.

    Car Rental

    Varanasi is a beautiful and exciting city, but Varanasi tops the list as it also possesses some of the world's worst traffic and road conditions even for India. To protect you from the traffic, noise, and dust let us help make your tour more enjoyable by booking an A/C taxi. Nice and clean taxis are offered by us at affordable rates. Taxi can also be arranged by us for airport pick-up and drop-offs and train station pick-up and drop-offs as well. We have a variety of car/taxi and at different prices as per client requirements. We have well trained staffs; taxi, cars & coaches are also well maintained. The drivers have thorough intimate knowledge of each and every area.