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Difference between Sailing Ganga Tour vs Road tour

We all very well know what “Road Tour” is, yes it’s nothing but travelling a city or a place by road as what all the travellers do on the other hand “Sailing Tour” is a sailing tour on river either on a boat or a cruise.

For those places which are situated near River Ganga in spite of road tour the travellers have the option of sailing tour also to view the city from another perspective. When we talk about the difference between the Sailing Ganga Tour with Road Tour then we will find that the list is very big and it’s not possible to list down all.

Below is listed some of the differences between Sailing Ganga Tour with Road Tour:-
  • Unlike road tour by sailing tour we don’t have to face the bad roads, traffic jams, and also we don’t have to travel through heat and dust.
  • Unlike road tour sailing tour is much more adventurous and daring.
  • By sailing tour we can sail across the clear blue waters of River Ganges, explore rugged coastlines, wild landscapes and white sandy beaches...
  • Sailing tour is a way of experiencing life at a different pace on the peaceful and relaxing River Ganga.
  • For the places very near to River Ganga like Varanasi, Allahabad, Patna sailing tour is the best ways to get to know the city unlike road tour.
  • What can be enjoyed by a sailing tour that cannot be enjoyed by road tour.
  • Through sailing Ganga tour we get a chance to stay in Alpine tents near the beaches which is an experience full of thrill as compared to accommodation in hotels while road touring.