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Frequently Asked Questions

What are boats made of
Boats are common wooden country boats with couple of rows, a mast and two boat men on each boat. There will be no seats or bench. On board there will be mattress & pillows and 4 persons can easily sit in relaxed position while enjoying the landscape.
Where we stay at night
Normally for overnights we choose Hotels as this is the best way to spend the night and for wash and change, however if there is a small group 10-15 pax then we can camp on a deserted beach or island depending on the season. Breakfast & dinner is served on the hotels /island but lunch & evening tea is always on board.
Best time for Sailing Ganga Tour
Best period is from Nov to 20th Dec. & from 10th Jan to 15th Mar. (mostly there is a thick fog during end Dec & beginning Jan in North India, affecting the navigation on the river & pictorial views).If plan a trip from mid Jan to Feb, suggest a day in Allahabad to visit the annual Magh Mela (a kind of baby Kumbh Mela – start from Makar Sankranti till Mahashivaratri)